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Around Lake Martignano


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This itinerary follows, in its first part, the circumference of Lake Martignano, set within the area of the Park of Lakes Bracciano and Martignano and crosses hills and wide expanses of a wild and silent nature. From this lake Lake Bracciano can be reached, and the trip ends in Anguillara, a pretty historic town on the lake shores.
Take the Roma Viterbo line and get off at the Cesano di Roma stop. Once you have left the station, take the road in front of the square, which is the only stretch of road with traffic on it in the whole itinerary.
After a few uphill bends, you reach the fork in the road which leads to the town (indicated by road signs); leave this behind and follow the main road until you reach the beginning of two dirt roads: the second leads to the protected Park of lakes Bracciano and Martignano.
The hilly wood of this area is practically intact and allows pleasant bicycle rides among chestnut trees and silent countryside.
Enter it and, after following a slope and some undulating ground, you will reach an asphalt road where you will turn left. The path follows the perimeter of the dry Lake Baccano, which reaches the basin of Martignano. This is a volcanic lake, characterised by slanting ridges, which means that the road is steep, until it opens onto the magnificent view of the lake basin. If you continue along the slope (which is in asphalt), you reach the Casale di Martignano, where the path becomes a dirt road again, follows the lake, goes up to the right until it crosses another old dirt path which you must take to the left and climb a rise. Once you have passed this, head towards the Fontanile di Mola Vecchia (drinking trough).
From here, after a ditch, take the road to the left which leads to Anguillara, and enter the town, set on a pointed promontory which seems to draw an angle, which may have led to the old name of Angularia. Ramparts and towers recall the medieval origin of the town and the monumental 16th century gate leads to the Piazza del Comune, which offers a wonderful view of the lake. The town also still has the Castello Orsini, dating back to the 16th century. From Anguillara, take via Anguillarese which leads to the railway station, well marked by road signs.

By train: Outward journey: From Rome Termini station to Cesano di Roma (Roma-Viterbo line)
Return: from Anguillara station to Rome Termini
By bicycle: Length: about 24 km
Difficulty: average, short but with a steep hill in the first part

www. Parco Regionale Bracciano Martignano phone 06/9986627 – 06/99806261
Not recommended in the middle of summer.

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