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From Rocca di Papa to the Monti delle Faete: along the Via Sacra



5 hours

Marked itinerary

Partially, white-red n. 506



This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Appia

From the enchanting village of Rocca di Papa the ancient Via Sacra climbs up to the top of Mount Cavo, where there was a shrine to Jupiter in the times of ancient Rome. The itinerary goes over the flagstone road that the woods never buried during the centuries, a mute witness to the history of these places. Then it climbs up to the highest peaks in the hills up to Maschio delle Faete (956 m), going along the ridges of former volcanoes.
Leave Rocca di Papa in the direction of Via dei Laghi. After about two kilometres is the lane up to Monte Cavo, which passes the shrine to the Madonna del Tufo, where there is an Our Lady by Antoniazzo Romano painted on the stone in the 16th century. A little further on a sign shows the beginning of the Via Sacra. The road, recognisable by its characteristic flagstones, climbs up through chestnut woods. It passes by a small chapel and a panoramic terrace from which there is a fine view of Lakes Albano and Nemi, which extends as far as the sea on calm days. Go on up to the open space on the top of Monte Cavo.
On the way back down the Via Sacra to the belvedere, there is a narrow lane that goes downhill to the tarmac road. After the beginning of a road that leads to a military area there is a sign to Italian Alpine Club path 506, which leads to the top of the Maschio delle Faete. Following the marked path pass along the inner crest of the volcanic crater and begin a series of uphill and downhill stretches that last about an hour to reach the highest peak in the Alban Hills. It is an easy descent back to the Via Sacra.

Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani, Rocca di Papa, phone 06/9495253,,
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