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Monte Guadagnolo



5 hours

Marked itinerary



Average – Easy

This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Prenestina

This is perhaps the best circular itinerary in the Prenestini Mountains. Some stretches are very steep but they are not very difficult. The route begins and ends at Pisoniano and follows the path named after Karol Woytyla, crossing majestic chestnut woods.

From Piazza Municipio in the centre of Pisoniano go towards San Vito Romano for about 200 m and turn right down a road that soon becomes unsurfaced. It goes over the Fosso dei Serroni and continues uphill along some fields. It crosses a stream and climbs to the top of a hill. Go downhill, keeping left, and cross a field to reach a path going uphill through a wood. At the Fosso Scoccio walk along the right-hand bank and follow the stream going along a gully to a white stone wall. Cross the ditch here in a in a flat area and continue uphill as far as an aqueduct cabin. From here there is a lane to Guadagnolo which goes through chestnut woods, follows the course of the Fossa Sambuceta and reaches the meadows on the higher crest. At this point leave the road for Capranica and Guadagnolo and turn right through an area of erosion, coming on to the road again at a bend. From here the path is marked in red and white: it clambers along the rocky side of Monte Guadagnolo, turning left for a stretch that passes along the rock wall. A short section that crosses a chimney is secured by a steel rope that only needs a little care. The path widens and becomes easy, going up to the highest walls of the mountain until it gets to the road leading to the village of Guadagnolo. After a short break continue along the road following the signs to the shrine of Mentorella. At the shrine, turn right up a path marked with yellow arrows (the Karol Woytyla Path), which leads to the Morra Rossa. The descent goes round bends with a beautiful view over the Caprini Mountains and the shrine. Go on downhill along the Fossa di Morra Rossa in the gorge; at the end of this the path continues round curves until the humps of Ara di Palazzo, crosses the Fosso dei Serroni and goes down along its gorge to join the initial road back to Piazza Municipio in Pisoniano.

Starting point: Pisoniano
S. Ardito, A piedi nel Lazio, vol. 1, Roma 2005

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