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Montelanico and Monte Lupone




Marked itinerary

Yes, red-white 3 and Alta Via dei Monti Lepini


Average - Difficult

This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Latina

This itinerary to Monte Lupone passes the characteristic village of Montelanico and crosses the other side of the mountain, which is marked with the Alta Via dei Monte Lepini signs. This side is steeper and more intact, going through beech groves and ravens, peregrine falcons, weasels and badgers are often seen.
Montelanico is a hill settlement above the Rio Valley. In the main square is the Fontana dei Putti and the Chiesa del Gonfalone, with 16th century paintings. Not far away is the Church of San Pietro with a fine ciborium and a canvas of the Madonna del Soccorso, a rare work by Vincenzo Camuccini.

Starting point: Montelanico
S. Ardito, A piedi nel Lazio, vol. 1, Roma 2005

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