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Macchiagrande Oasis


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The Oasis, located in Fiumicino, precisely in Fregene seaside, has been created in 1986 and is managed by WWF. It falls within the State Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast. It extends for 280 hectares, represents a wonderful example of humid Mediterranean area, where live many different natural environments: sand dunes (behind covered by Maquis),hydric forest, humid areas and fallow fields. Real paradise for bird-watching lovers, the Oasis is final destination, during the migration period, of thousands of birds looking for a favorable climate to nest. Herons, hawks, moorhens, wild ducks, cormorants and kingfisher. This is the show that visitors can admire from lookouts.

Ente gestore WWF Lazio
c/o Casale Pantano, Via Martin Pescatore, 66 – 00124 Roma
Phone 06/50917817

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