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Urbano del Pineto Regional Park


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Aurelia

Founded in 1987, between Aurelio, Balduina and Boccea districts, it represents a proper green lung among the Metropolis neighbourhood. The Park, that still preserves traces about two million years of geological events, from the deep tropical sea to Sabatino Vulcan eruptions, sands and gravels, does offer an extremely various natural landscape. The Valley, named Baccano Valley, is characterized by furnaces and limestone of St. Peter Fabric and by vineyards and farmhouses, as the beautiful Villa Sacchetti, built in the XVI Century and now completely lost; there are wide expanses for grazing, covered by grasses and weeds; the thick scrub is made of holm oak woods, ornello tree, maple and downy birch trees. There are cork oaks as well, once very popular at the gates of Rome; in wetlands grow, instead, the Rhine’s domestic cane and the Sparganium erectum (branched bur-reed, an aquatic plant). Wildlife is rich as well, with the Muscardinus avellanarius (Hazel Dormouse or Common Dormouse), the wild mouse and the water snake.

The Reserve is run by Roma Natura local Authority
Villa Mazzanti, via Gomenizza, 81 – 00195 Roma
Phone 06/35405310
Fax 06/35491519

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