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Veio: from the Isola Farnese to Villa Campetti



1.30 hours

Marked itinerary

Partially, trought sign posts



This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Cassia

On the outskirts of Rome, the countryside between via Cassia and via Flaminia is scattered with the ruins of ancient Rome’s strongest enemy: the Etruscan town of Veio. The path, which crosses through the ruins of temples, necropolises and ancient villas, is also interesting from a natural point of view as the park is home to century-old oak trees, and the hills are embellished by extensive cultivated fields.
The itinerary starts from Isola Farnese (Farnese island), which can be reached from the S.S. via Cassia (strada statale, main road).

The old town is dominated by the Castello dei Ferraioli (Ferraioli Castle), which dates back to the 10th century. From here, follow the path in the direction of towards via Cassia until you reach a fork in the road; take the dirt road to the right that leads to the Fosso della Mola (ditch). An old mill, of which there were once several in the area, has been turned into an information point. The easy dirt track, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, leads to Veio. The double waterfalls on the Fosso Fiordo will be immediately visible and, continuing to the right, after a stretch of ancient Roman road, you will pass under the old stone portal known as “Portonaccio”.

Go back up the path to a terrace with the so-called “Romana Villa of Campetti”, which is really a group of public buildings with worship areas and a bath, not far from the temple of Apollo. The dirt track continues over the fenced-in excavation area to a plateau from which a panoramic view can be admired. The path follows a circle in an anti-clockwise direction, and crosses the necropolis area with several tombs, including the “duck tomb”, which is famous for its painted decorations of birds (7th century B.C.), and finally bends and returns to villa Campetti.

Parco di Veio, via Felice Cavallotti 18 phone 06/9042774, hotline (from Italy only): 800727822 –
Muddy itinerary during the rain season

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