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Roman recipes

Stewed lamb in lemon sauce


1 kg lamb haunches or shoulder, chopped
50 g of uncooked ham
1 onion
2 tbs. of lard or 1 of extra virgin olive oil
1 glass of dry white wine
2 egg yolks
20 g flour
1 tbs. of grated Parmesan cheese
1 clove of garlic
1 small bunch of parsley
½ lemon
salt and pepper

Brown the minced ham and onion in  a pan with lard or oil. Add the lamb and let it cook, then add salt and pepper, as necessary.
Pour  the wine on top and let it evaporate. Sprinkle some flour, add some boiling water (2 ladlefuls) and continue to cook.
At the same time, prepare a sauce by mixing together the garlic, parsley, egg yolk, lemon juice and cheese. Add the sauce to the cooked lamb.

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