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Roman recipes

Chestnuts cream, Parmesan foam, roasted hazelnuts and caramelized vinegar drops


For the chestnuts cream:
Half kg chestnuts
3 potatoes
A bit of milk
Salt and pepper
For the Parmesan foam:
Half litre milk
100 grams Parmesan cheese

For the chestnuts cream: Take half kg of fresh chestnuts, boil for two hours and peel them. Boil three potatoes and add them to the chestnuts; transfer this mixture into the potatoes masher, add a bit of milk to keep the mashed potatoes soft, salt and pepper. Keep bain-marie.

For the Parmesan foam: put on the fire half litre milk until it gets to 70 degrees. Add, as a rain, 100 grams Parmesan; amalgamate slowly with a whisk, pass through the Chinese strainer, put into the siphon with double charge and keep it bain-marie.

For the caramelized vinegar: cook for about half an hour one decilitre balsamic traditional vinegar with a bit of sugar.

You can display the cream into an high cocktail glass, putting with a sac the base of the chestnuts mush, foaming the Parmesan cream and defining with toasted crushed hazelnuts and few drops of caramelized vinegar.