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Roman recipes

Maremmana beef fillet and Romanesco courgette with chive, pomegranate vinegar and cooked must


200 grams fillet of maremma’s race
200 grams roman courgettes
White vinegar flavoured with pomegranate grains
Salt and pepper
A small ginger root
10 long and fresh cheves
50 grams flakes of roman pecorino

Take the fillet and cut 8 slices 4 cm thick and 10 cm long, cover with a tissue paper and beat lightly.

Take the roman courgettes and cut 8 slices of the same dimension, scald in water for one minute and then cool them on a bakery paper.

Souse the meat in the white vinegar for one minute with the pomegranate grains. Salt fillet slices and courgettes; roll them together keeping the courgette outside and the fillet inside, with a ginger slice as well. Bind them with chive, put on a plate and add oil and cooked must. Grate a bit of pepper and serve with few flakes of roman pecorino and some pomegranate grain.

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