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Roman recipes

Ricotta flan with brandy-soaked raisins, extra strong chocolate and coffee


250 grams ricotta
50 grams sugar
2 egg-whites and 2 egg-yolks
A bit of salt
A bit of vanilla powder
Half glass of raisins
20 grams mature strawberries
20 grams white chocolate
For the coffee chocolate condensed
100 grams light coffee
75 grams sugar
50 grams cocoa
100 grams liquid cream
A brandy perfume

Soak the raisins in warm water for half an hour, so that they get soften. Gently squeeze the raisins ad perfume them with high quality brandy. Sift ricotta, add sugar, egg yolks, a bit of vanilla. Work the mixture with a wooden spoon. Beat egg-white stiff with a bit of salt. Incorporate with delicacy the egg-white to the ricotta cream using a whisk. Butter and flour small tureens 7-10 cm high, fill half of them and put into a preheated oven for 15 minutes.

For the extra strong chocolate coffee:

Boil coffee with sugar, add cocoa with a wooden spoon and boil again, then add liquid cream and boil another time, perfume with brandy. Serve the flan at room temperature, decorate the plate with thin strawberry slices, white chocolate flakes and next to it a small bowl with the warm sauce.