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Roman recipes

Padellotto macellara


1 kg lamb offal, pajatina and trip
½ glass of extra virgin olive oil
3 scallions
1 glass of Frascati white wine

This dish made with lamb offal cooked together with different shades of taste is undoubtedly a dish riserve for connoisseurs. It is important to have a reliable butcher who will set aside the offal from a very fresh lamb produced in the Roman Countryside, and who will separate the pieces and carefully clean them. After washing the meat put a glass of olive oil in a copper or alumina pan with high sides; cut the meat into pieces and cook in the following order at 5 minutes’ interval: first the lungs, then the heart, then the liver, then the tripe and then the pajata. Sauté for an additional 20 minutes, add salt, pepper and chilli. Add the three finely chopped scallions, after 5 minutes adda glasso f Frascati white wine and simmer on a moderate flame. At this point take the spleen, scrape the inside and separate from the skin that is to be thrown away and put this last ingredient in the pan which, together with the other ingredients, will form a cream, Bay leaves and Rosemary can be added as best preferred. Serve directly from the boiling hot pan.

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