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Cabbage rolls with fake sauce


1 kg cabbage
300 grams mixed tender meat
50 grams grated primosale
50 grams Bassiano ham
50 grams stale bread soaked
1 egg
10 grams grated almonds
Sri Lanka black pepper
For the sham sauce:
Celery, carrots and onion
1 rind
1 kg peeled agostani tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
Half glass of wine
1 fresh basil leaf

Scald cabbage leaves for 5 minutes, cool them and put them down with care on a cloth to dry; mince the mixed meat and the bread. Knead them with primosale, egg and nutmeg almonds, salt and pepper as you wish.

Tasting, the dough should remain delicate. Make some oval meat balls that will be put inside the cabbage leaves. For the fake sauce: prepare a saute’ of oil and rind, add the cream made of celery, carrots and onion (if you like you can insert a clove into the onion), skim with a bit of white Frascati. As soon as the wine evaporates ad tomatoes. Cook for 10 minutes, then lay the rolls down gently and continue cooking at moderate heat for 15-20 minutes. Serve with a nice basil fresh leaf and dust with chilli pepper.

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