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Roman recipes

Roman spring vegetable stew (Vignarola) cooked three times


2 kg broad beans
1,5 kg peas
1 leg of lamb’s lettuce
2 kg artichokes
30 g smoked jowl bacon
20 g cured ham fat
4 young onions
salt and pepper
chilli pepper
2 sprigs of field balm
extra virgin olive oil

Broad beans with jowl bacon: clean the broad beans and sauté them with shallot, oil, chilli pepper and the smoked jowl bacon; cook on a high flame for 15 minutes, adding a little hot water. Peas with cured ham: put the peas in a glass jar with an air tight cap together with some salt, cured ham fat and the chopped young onions. Cook in bain-marie for 20-25 minutes.
End of season artichokes Roman style: clean the artichokes, cut them into slices and put in water and lemon. Then sauté them with garlic, oil and chilli pepper, add white wine, and half a glass of water and cook for 15 minutes; enhance the perfume with field balm.
Lamb’s lettuce: To garnish the plate, make a quick sauté of the leg of lamb’s lettuce with scallion and extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. This dish is the “king” of the spring; in this version the vegetables are cooked separately to protect their delicacy.