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400 grams soften raisins
500 grams dried fruit
50 grams pine nuts
50 mixed candied fruit in cubes
1 small grated lemon
1 high quality glass of rum
1 vanilla hint
For the batter:
Warm water
20 grams brewer’s yeast
125 grams sugar
200 grams flour

Make a batter of right consistency, add raisins, dried fruit and all the other ingredients. Helping with your hands (slightly wet) create small pats of your favourite dimension and arrange them on the baking paper. Let them rest for one day and put them into the oven at 100 degrees for about one hour and a half.

Unlike pan pepato, that has got chocolate as thickening, here ingredients are held together by the batter. They will get solid only after the cooking. Therefore the base of this recipe is made of dried fruit mixed with something invisible and fascinating that will keep together all the other ingredients and will give to the cake a nice brown colour. If you wish you can brush the surface with beaten egg before the cooking.