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Roman recipes

White ragu pappardelle with aromatic herbs


100 grams sausages
100 grams lean lamb
100 grams rump steak
Half glass white wine
3 extra virgin olive oil spoons
1 sage leaf
1 fresh chilli pepper
10 Pantelleria capers
Salt and pepper
5 garlic cloves
Half onion
One small carrot
4 Pecorino romano table spoons

Mince the meat and fry slightly with extra virgin olive oil either in a copper or aluminium pan, together with a finely chopped celery, carrot and onion.

Separately, take the hunting herbs and chop them with capers and garlic, add them to a pan during the cooking. When the meat is well brown, skim the fat off with a glass of white wine.

Once wine evaporates, we rest the sauce in the pan with a bit of cooking water and pecorino, to let flavours gently melt and to serve a “no dried” dish. Cook “pappardelle” in boiling water, drain them “al dente” and stir in the hot pan, at a moderate heat to avoid that pecorino cooks.Serve decorating with part of the fresh herbs.