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Roman recipes

Roman style tripe


Salt, pepper, peperoncino (small Italian chilli)
Mentuccia (local Roman mint)
Tomato purée
½ glass of dry white wine
Extra virgin olive oil

Brown the onion, celery, carrot and chopped tripe (already cooked) in a pan with extra virgin olive oil for 15 minutes.  Add ½ glass wine and let it evaporate.
Add salt, pepper and peperoncino, the tomato purée and boil for 40 minutes. The sauce must be thick. Turn the flame off and add the minced mint and a handful of pecorino cheese.
IMP: If the tripe isn’t cooked when you buy it, follow these instructions: rinse in plenty of water, cut into big pieces and cook in a pan with salt, onion, celery and a carrot. Skim frequently and let it boil on a moderate flame for about 5 hours. Once cooked, continue with the recipe instructions.

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