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In every self-respecting journey, the palate also wants its part. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the long gastronomic tradition of Rome and its territory. Taste Roman products and bring Roman cuisine to the table with our selection of recipes.


Food tradition of our ancient Roman forefathers may appear to us moderns very far from our daily habits. Nevertheless, our roman current way of cooking still involves in itself the most important elements of a genuine and essential cuisine. Moreover, it reflects Rome’s history, melting-pot of different habits and costumes coming from the mixture of various origins that – living together in the Centuries – have produced a complex and polychrome cuisine. From the contribution of different cultures we can mention: the “Testaccio cuisine”, named Quinto Quarto; the Judaic tradition of Ghetto and also the “Castle tradition”, coming from outskirts and from Castles’s countryside. Quinto Quarto cuisine, typical of Testaccio area (where there was the slaughter-house) is made of inferior quality slaughter, pluck, from which derive poor but genuine dishes such as “rigatoni con pajata” (calf budelli) or “coda alla vaccinara”. The Ghetto cuisine is more refined and fragrant, made of tasty fried (“Jewish artichokes”, “zucchini flowers with mozzarella and anchovy”, “dried cod”) and pastries, highly represented by the ricotta cake. Finally, the Castles cuisine, with extremely tasty dishes like “abbacchio” (lambkin) or first courses such as “fettuccine and bucatini all’amatriciana” (pasta with bacon, olive oil and fresh tomatoes). To discover flavours and genuine perfumes of the Roman countryside, here there are all the traditional recipes of the Roman cuisine.