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Here you can find a useful guide that will help you to get genuine products realized in the Farms and linked to the territory.
A section dedicated to people who, during the free time or the weekends, love combining country walks with the purchase (directly from the producers) of oil, wine, pastries, cheese, pasta, bakery products or jams.

Near Anguillara Sabazia, Mr. Adriani’s small farm has specialised in milk products and in transforming milk – in particular of sheep milk – since
This farm, which has an industrial production, only creates highly digestible and nutritious products derived from goat milk. These are targeted particularly to one
The farm’s own vineyards, some young and some over 20-years old, produce an excellent wine through modern techniques, strongly connected to local traditions. This
L’azienda agricola Pinci è un’azienda a conduzione biologica con circa 10 ettari di vigneti. I vini prodotti sono tutti a denominazione Lazio IGP bianco
This firm was founded in Rome in 1986 by Sandro Benvenuti and Angelo Pierini, who both came from a 20-year experience in leading firms
Giuseppe Brunelli is this farm’s self-assured and keen guide. He produces 30,000 quintals per year of a wide range of cheeses: pure sheep milk
This farm stands in the heart of the Roman Sabine area and overlooks the Monti Lucretili. It is close to Tivoli, Hadrian’s Villa and
Visitors can taste the farm’s own wine, as well as the best of Frascati wines, in the farmhouse’s typical “fraschetta” wine cellar.
This historic firm is a point of reference of great interest for wine-tourists seeking high-quality products. The firm’s activities include the production and cultivation
This historic firm is a point of reference of great interest for wine-tourists seeking high-quality products. The firm’s activities include the production and cultivation
The Cerveteri winemaking firm is a co-operative founded in 1960, consisting in 750 wine-producing families who all confer different kinds of grapes: Trebbiano, Malvasia,
L’azienda, situata nel cuore della D.O.C. Zagarolo, in posizione panoramica, e’ costituita da un casale di fino ‘800, costruito sui resti di un’antica costruzione
This wine-producing firm, which is accessed via a tree-lined drive, is a recently built structure – which is easily identifiable from the outside –
Born in 1998, the Trevignano Vino (General Partnership Company) has got 40 years experience in wine. Today it has a new base, instruments and
This co-operative was born in 1950 thanks to the initiative of 70 wine-producers of the Velletri area and, initially, only produced 15,000 hectolitres of
This wine-producing firm owned by the Zandotti family since 1734 is today a flourishing farm which specialises in the cultivation of different varieties of
This wine-producing firm, whose long history dates back to 1884, purchases musts and transforms and bottles them into 4 different kinds of wine. Passion
This firm offers visitors a wide selection of different wines, ranging from white to red to rosé, both still and sparkling, as well as
The Casal Pilozzo (farmhouse) stands in a panoramic position, with a wonderful view over Rome, and is regarded as one of the most ancient
This Farm is located into the uncontaminated Tuscia countryside and takes its name from an ancient mansion built by Orsini in 1400. Here the
This organic farming breeds sheep milk and meat of Sopravvissana race, black pigs from Rieti area, chicken race Ancona (extremely rare in Italy) and
The Casale Mattia farm is set on the hill which gives it its name, 200 metres above sea level, south of Rome and in
The farm’s vineyards and olive groves spread on the Monterotondo hills. Grapes are selected and picked by hand from vines grown in rows, thus
The farm stands in the green heart of the Cerveteri hills, between the Monti della Tolfa and the Pyrgi coast, surrounded by natural parks
The farm spreads over 37 hectares and has traditionally focussed on vine and olive growing. Its 15 hectares of olive groves are covered with
The Alma Vini firm history is born of the Mergè familiy, originally from the Latium area of the Castelli Romani. In the first half
The farm was founded in 1930 by Cecchini Virgilio, and has for generations been present on the market with the “norcina” processing of pork
This co-operative, founded in the ‘70s, is just before the town of Palombara Sabina, within the wonderful Parco dei Monti Lucretili (park). It spreads
The co-operative was set up with the aim of finally giving back to the land its identity through the recovery and boosting of D.O.C
This organic Farm (certified IMC, Mediterranean Certification Institute). It is run by Rita Franceschini and it develops in the Regional Veio Park and it
Velio Contu’s farm is near Guidonia, and spreads over hectares of land planted with hazel groves and wood nut trees. The spacious grass meadows,
The Nautia farmers’ cooperative has been cultivating land in the Natural Tevere-Farfa Reserve according to organic methods since 1985. Nautia markets its products –
The wine-producing firm, which spreads over a hilly area approximately 500 metres above sea level, started its activity in 2001, although the Ciolli family’s
Donnardea farm was established in the heart of the Roman countryside in 1995 thanks to Antonio and Adriana, who today are helped by their
Domenico Stocchi’s knowledge has been in part acquired in the halls of the Agrarian Institute, but more importantly it is the fruit of direct
The farm has been active since 1952. It spreads over 11 hectares on the green hills of Olevano Romano, and grows the Cesanese vine,
The farm’s 10 hectares of vineyards have belonged to the Fabi family since 1870; with seriousness and passion each year they produce about 13,000
The company, located in the municipality of Segni, at the foothills of the Lepini Mountains, breeds 300 Frisona cattle, without the use of feed
The Fontana Candida wine-making firm continues a long family-run activity, and became a firm in 1958, with its headquarters on the hill of Fontana
Formaggi Boccea is born from the passion of the Marella brothers, sheep farmers for generations. Originally transhumance was practiced: the herd was moved to
The company La Quercia srl, owned by Angelini Ercole and Latini Vittorio, was created with the aim of producing and marketing cheese and ricotta
This farm spreads over 2 hectares of productive land planted with vines and olive groves. Winemaking, which has always been a family passion, enables
The company has chosen to offer producers the widest selection of all processing systems because those who grow olives with love and continuity have
The vineyards, which have belonged to the Galassini family for a very long time, are cultivated with love and professional competence in order to
Gli orti di Anguillara is an agricultural society, created in 2010 by a group of friends, all residents in Anguillara Sabazia. The Farm cultivates
The Gotto D’Oro wine-producing firm, founded in 1945, was the first firm of its kind in the Castelli Romani. Its very name – Gotto
This firm is open year-round and mainly produces honey, as well as a small quantity of products which derive from it such as organic
Francesco and Maurizio Evangelisti have managed this organic farm, where nothing is bought externally, since 1998, in complete autonomy. Cheeses are made from local
This is a family-run farm which grows mixed cultivations: mainly olives, but also fruit such as cherries and peaches. How to reach us From
This farm presents a completely wonderful restructured turn of the century farmhouse, and is located in a scenic spot where visitors can admire the
Simone Caponetti carries on his ancestors’ olive-processing activity – dating back to the 18th century – with their same commitment and passion. Oil processing
This firm was founded in 1999 and focuses on gathering, bottling and marketing the Sabine extra virgin olive oil, especially DOP one. How to
L’azienda nasce nel 1996 dall’iniziativa di Roberto Marchesi, volta a commercializzare l’olio extra vergine d’oliva prodotto dagli oliveti di proprietà della famiglia Marchesi. Gli
This organic farm has been managed by a group of olive growers for three generations. The land is volcanic and situated in a hilly
This vegetable farm is specialised in broccoli, artichokes and Roman courgettes, as well as from pantano and casalino tomatoes. All the products, on sale
This bakery/dry confectionery, owned by Mario Peperoni, is a well-established family-run firm, close to the picturesque town of Arcinazzo Romano. It was founded in
The farm has a laboratory specialized in “acid dough” bread-making with flour from various kinds of cereals. But the laboratory also makes pizzas, focaccia
Azienda agricola di circa 10 ettari a ridosso del fiume Aniene, la cui attività principale consiste nell’allevamento di pesce di varie specie e specialmente
This firm’s objective is the production, processing and marketing of extra virgin olive oil. Its associates own olive groves, an oil press and a
The ancient Pallavicini firm spreads in the area between Colonna and Frascati, close to the old Labicum and crossed by via Labicana. Work carried
Rossetti Paola’s farm is a small family-run farm of three hectares, in a half-hill position, which cultivates vineyards and 250 olive trees of different
This farm is in the heart of the Sabine region, where olive trees have long been a dominant element and a characterising feature. It
This farm includes two separate lands: one of five hectares, where an old 18th century farmhouse is, and a neighbouring one of 6 hectares.
The farm’s distinctive mark is the refined quality of its products, which points on the uniqueness of some of kinds of wine produced and
The Tenuta Colfiorito is a farm which spreads over 35 hectares on the slopes of the Monti Tiburtini, at an average altitude of 400
Mr. Giuseppe Cusmano founded this firm in 1979. It spreads over 20 hectares of land, in a wonderful green countryside, and stands on a
The grapes grown here since 1964 by the Papi family, on 12 hectares of land in Montecompatri, Colonna and San Cesareo, produce about 170,000
The farm is set on the fertile hills of the Roman Sabina, halfway between the Monti Lucretili and the Valley of the Tiber. The
This farm is in a panoramic position: on the South lie the sea and San Felice Circeo, to the east are the Monti Lepini
L’azienda, situata nel cuore della tradizione vitivinicola del Frascati, fu acquistata da Piero Costantini negli anni ottanta, comprendendo la vigne del Cardinal Pallotta. La
The farm is set in the green of the Monti Prenestini, 30 kilometres away from Rome, and is surrounded by its own vineyards. It