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Agrivolpicelli di Vittozzi Anna Maria

L’azienda agricola sorge a Segni sulle pendici dei Monti Lepini, a meno di 50 km da Roma. La famiglia Volpicelli, da quattro generazioni, produce olio extra vergine di oliva, il marrone segnino e varie tipologie di creme spalmabili. La trasformazione delle olive avviene nei mesi di ottobre, novembre e dicembre, direttamente nel frantoio aziendale dove […]

La Sonnina Società Cooperativa Agricola

Nata nel 1999 per riportare a nuova vita un’omonima azienda agricola di Genazzano ormai abbandonata da anni, la Cooperativa La Sonnina conduce con passione e con attenzione all’ambiente la propria attività agricola multifunzionale. Tutto l’anno, vengono allevati ovini di razza Comisana e Massese e, in purezza suini appartenenti all’antica razza in via di estinzione “Maiale […]

Parco Laghi dei Reali

Azienda agricola di circa 10 ettari a ridosso del fiume Aniene, la cui attività principale consiste nell’allevamento di pesce di varie specie e specialmente della trota fario autoctona. L’allevamento di questo pesce e la conduzione altamente sostenibile di piscine per l’acquacoltura alimentate senza l’uso di energia elettrica utilizzando in modo virtuoso l’acqua del fiume ha […]

Azienda Agricola Pinci

L’azienda agricola Pinci è un’azienda a conduzione biologica con circa 10 ettari di vigneti. I vini prodotti sono tutti a denominazione Lazio IGP bianco e rosso. All’interno dell’azienda è possibile acquistare i vini nello spaccio.

Mancini Giuseppina

This is a family-run farm which grows mixed cultivations: mainly olives, but also fruit such as cherries and peaches. How to reach us From the autostrada del Sole (motorway), exit at Fiano Romano – Rieti and take via Salaria until you reach the fork in the road for Montelibretti.

La Porchetta del Ponte

This is a leading firm in its sector and it produces, with natural methods and simple hand-made processes, pig and horse dried meat, coppa made from animals’ heads, the famous porchetta (roasted pig) and some other typical kinds of salami.

La Cesarina di Fejzi Nagib

This farm, which spreads over 730 hectares just outside Rome, in the Marcigliana Nature Reserve, grows its own cereals and has a milk cattle farm and a dairy farm. How to reach us From the G.R.A Rome ring road, take exit 11 on to via Nomentana, and follow the road towards Mentana where, upon reaching […]

L’Agricola s.n.c. di Maggi Giuseppe e Figli

This characteristic family-run wine-producing firm is split into two buildings: one for processing and storing wine, the other for its bottling. The furnished garden is available for visitors, who can also use a parking area for buses as well as take part in guided tours and purchase different sized packages of wine.

Gli Orti di Anguillara

Gli orti di Anguillara is an agricultural society, created in 2010 by a group of friends, all residents in Anguillara Sabazia. The Farm cultivates the famous Anguillara Broccoletto, that in 2005 has gained the important recognition of Typical Latium Region Product, due to its features. Currently are being carried out procedures to obtain the PDO […]

Formiconi Michael

This farm spreads over 2 hectares of productive land planted with vines and olive groves. Winemaking, which has always been a family passion, enables the production of the Cesanese wine from Affile, an autochthonous DOC wine with incomparable characteristics. The firm’s aim, apart from keeping the DOC product up to its standards, is that of […]

Oleificio Caponetti

Simone Caponetti carries on his ancestors’ olive-processing activity – dating back to the 18th century – with their same commitment and passion. Oil processing was originally carried out with the aid of animals, subsequently with steam, and finally with electricity. The farm has a very modern oil plant which uses the most sophisticated technological innovations […]

Oleum Sabinae s.n.c.

This firm was founded in 1999 and focuses on gathering, bottling and marketing the Sabine extra virgin olive oil, especially DOP one. How to reach us From the G.R.A. (Rome ringroad), take the autostrada A1 (motorway) towards Florence and head towards Fiano Romano.

Fontana di Papa Vini d’Italia Cantina Sociale Colli Albani s.c. a r.l.

Fontana di Papa is a large social wine-producing firm which has always been involved in the enhancement of the territory. The firm merges its over 400 associates’ long experience with the most modern wine-making techniques, in order to obtain products which match both the tradition and the wine-growing culture of the Castelli Romani. The intent […]

Panificio Ferruzzi Franca s.n.c.

In this well-supplied bakery shop, clients can choose from a variety of different products: apart from the bread from Genzano and white pizza, there are wine ring-shaped biscuits, as well as those based on pine nut and trucioli (biscuits with nuts and chocolate), and the bakery’s own dry biscuits.

Panificio Peperoni

This bakery/dry confectionery, owned by Mario Peperoni, is a well-established family-run firm, close to the picturesque town of Arcinazzo Romano. It was founded in 1973 and now includes 6 employees, apart from the owner, his wife and two daughters who daily carefully monitor, with professional competence, all the processing phases. The firm’s slogan is: quality […]

Fontana Candida

The Fontana Candida wine-making firm continues a long family-run activity, and became a firm in 1958, with its headquarters on the hill of Fontana Candida, in an age-old farmhouse built where an imposing Roman villa once stood, perhaps that of the poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Fontana Candida is owned by the Gruppo Italiano Vini, and […]

Parco Agricolo Fontana Chiusa

This farm park spreads over 160 hectares, and has a wonderful farmhouse dating back to the 19th century: it is a real peace haven, far from noise and from day-to-day routine. It gives onto the green hills of the Palestrina and Rocca Priora municipality, and is a corner of paradise surrounded by immense gardens and […]

Biscotti P. Gentilini s.r.l.

This firm has always worked in the respect of traditions and with the aim of offering its consumers quality oven-baked products. A fundamental characteristic of its production is the first-class quality of the ingredients used, which are all carefully selected, and which have ensured the firm’s success since 1890.

Rossetti Paola

Rossetti Paola’s farm is a small family-run farm of three hectares, in a half-hill position, which cultivates vineyards and 250 olive trees of different varieties. Olives are handpicked in the first ten days of November and oil is extracted through a cold-press system a few hours after the harvest, in order to guarantee the genuineness […]


Donnardea farm was established in the heart of the Roman countryside in 1995 thanks to Antonio and Adriana, who today are helped by their three daughters. The hills on which the farm is located, only 20 kilometres away from Rome, are dedicated to wine-making; the volcanic soil helps give fertility and freshness to the land. […]

Silvi Sabina Sapori

This farm is in the heart of the Sabine region, where olive trees have long been a dominant element and a characterising feature. It has been managed by the Silvi family for three generations, and spreads over 8 hectares of land grown with olive trees, both old and newly planted. The improvement of the quality […]

Cooperativa Monti Simbruini

The Monti Simbruini co-operative was established in Subiaco in February 2005 by 5 founding members whose intent is to add value and relaunch the production of extra virgin olive oil, as well as agricultural entrepreneurial activity, by prodcuing high quality oil via traditional techniques, while respecting organic farming rules. The oil pressing process is based […]

Soc. Agr. L’Oro delle Donne

The farm, set in an excellent scenic position, has a sampling room which seats up to 20 people. The farmyard next to the cellars has an ample tree-lined parking lot for up to 30 cars. The farm produces its own white and red wines which are currently bottled at the Gotto d’Oro, and an excellent […]

Società Cooperativa La Selva

The “La Selva” co-operative was founded in 1977 and today counts 350 associate-producers, who yearly provide 60,000 quintals of grapes from vine-yards in Genzano di Roma, Lanuvio and, to a smaller extent, other neighbouring municipalities. The co-operative follows its vine-growers in the various phases of production, and gives them specific tips and advice on the […]

Cooperativa Coltivatori Uniti

This cooperative counts 160 associates, who own about 30,000 olive trees, with an average annual production of approximately 8,000 quintals of olives. The olive varieties of Leccino, Frantoio, Carboncella and Salviana allow the production of the Sabine DOP extra-virgin olive oil and the Moricone one. How to reach us From Rome take via Salaria – […]

Tenimento Colle Caia

The farm’s distinctive mark is the refined quality of its products, which points on the uniqueness of some of kinds of wine produced and tends to the rediscovery of old autochthonous vines, which were the base for the ancient wines produced in the Castelli Romani. A monumental road lined by cypress and olive “cipressini” trees […]

Cooperativa Agricola Nautia

The Nautia farmers’ cooperative has been cultivating land in the Natural Tevere-Farfa Reserve according to organic methods since 1985. Nautia markets its products – extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, pasta, preserves, wine and other specialities – both in Nazzano and Rome.

Tenuta Le Quinte

The grapes grown here since 1964 by the Papi family, on 12 hectares of land in Montecompatri, Colonna and San Cesareo, produce about 170,000 bottles of wine per year. Among the many wines which are made, the DOC wine from Montecompatri is the real pride of the family, who prefer quality to quantity.

Contu Velio

Velio Contu’s farm is near Guidonia, and spreads over hectares of land planted with hazel groves and wood nut trees. The spacious grass meadows, as well as those fit for sowing, ensure food for the 1,500 sheep owned by the farm. Milk – which is then made into pecorino cheeses and ricotte, on sale in […]

Tenuta Tre Cancelli

The farm is located near the Tyrrhenian coast at the foothills of the Ceriti mountains, on a spur of volcanic tuff. On this site, the ideal and mild climate allows the growning of Trebbiano, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot and Syrah grapes. After over fifty years of experience and assiduous work of the De […]

Consortium cooperativa sociale integrata

The Società Cooperativa Sociale Integrata, founded in 2001 with 9 associates, produces, commercialises and enhances organic products. The co-operative also raises goats and is creating an educational farm in the “Tomba di Nerone” area, in Rome.

Tenuta Massimi di Massimi Daniele

This farm spreads over about 6 hectares along Via dei Colli (except for the vineyard which is in the Parco Regionale dei Monti Simbruini – regional park). An age-old olive grove grows on most of the farm’s lands, alongside great Cerasa di Palombara trees (cherry trees – about 100 have just been planted) and a […]

Colline di Affile

The co-operative was set up with the aim of finally giving back to the land its identity through the recovery and boosting of D.O.C Cesanese di Affile wine. The project took off in 2003 through a careful recovery of the vines which then brought about the creation of the co-opeartive, which today numbers over 20 […]

Cantine Capitani

Born in 1998, the Trevignano Vino (General Partnership Company) has got 40 years experience in wine. Today it has a new base, instruments and technologies to produce four quality table wines (two whites, one red and a rose’) and four Latium GI (Geographic Indication): Merlot, Syrah, Syrah in barriques (small wooden barrels to preserve wine), […]

Casale Vecchio società agricola s.r.l.

The organic Farm, located inside the Veio Park, grows season vegetables and produces eggs from hens out to pasture, in rotation with crops. The Farm sells its products, with the “natura in campo” brand, by appointment only, with collection to be agreed. How to reach us The Company is located in a side street of […]

Casale delle Cerquette

This organic farming breeds sheep milk and meat of Sopravvissana race, black pigs from Rieti area, chicken race Ancona (extremely rare in Italy) and turkeys. Moreover, typical Latium fruits varieties are cultivated, often now threatened with extinction (such as pears, apples, figs and plums). The Company is registered in the regional list for the biodiversity […]

Casale Cento Corvi

This Farm is located into the uncontaminated Tuscia countryside and takes its name from an ancient mansion built by Orsini in 1400. Here the soil is rich and generous of fruits; it spreads on the large Cerveteri plateau made of tuff. Collacciani family runs this business for generations, but produces and sells its wine for […]

Cantine Volpetti

This firm offers visitors a wide selection of different wines, ranging from white to red to rosé, both still and sparkling, as well as spumante (sparkling) and novello (new) wines, all of which are available in different-sized packages. In the winemaking plant there are also the grotto where the wine is preserved and a room […]

Vigna Rioli

This farm is in a panoramic position: on the South lie the sea and San Felice Circeo, to the east are the Monti Lepini and to the North the Monte Artemisio. Apart from the wine cellar, there is an 80 square metre room used for the sampling and sale of wines, which are available in […]

Cantine San Marco

This wine cellar is in the heart of the production area of the DOC Frascati wine, on Colle San Marco, which gives it its name, and enjoys a particularly panoramic position. It has a large parking lot, and lies between the Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone municipalities. The volcanic soil is rich in potassium, phosphorus, […]

Cantine Nicolini s.r.l.

For 4 generations the Nicolini family has produced and sold wine – that is, ever since Pietro Paolo Nicolini started producing wine on the family land. Today the firm’s typical farm activities are managed by the company “Cantine Nicolini s.r.l.”, run by Bruno Nicolini, while the distribution of the wines – the excellent Castelli Romani […]

Cantine D’Offizi

This wine-producing firm, whose long history dates back to 1884, purchases musts and transforms and bottles them into 4 different kinds of wine. Passion and search for the quality underpin Mr. D’Offizi’s activity. The four types of wine produced are: the DOC Castelli Romani, the IGT Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Trebbiano Toscano and the Merlot Montepulciano. […]

Cantine Conte Zandotti

This wine-producing firm owned by the Zandotti family since 1734 is today a flourishing farm which specialises in the cultivation of different varieties of vines, ranging from the Malvasia puntinata and the Malvasia bianca di Candia, to the Trebbiano, Bombino and Bellone. From these vines Doc Frascati wines such as the Cannellino and the Superiore, […]

Cantine Colli di Catone

This wine-producing firm was founded in 1974 by the Pulcini family, and produces its own wine with passion and in the respect of traditions. It sells its wine both nationally and internationally. Its vineyards, which spread in the Castelli Romani area of wine production – just south of Rome – are planted in hilly areas, […]

Cantina Cerquetta

This historic firm is a point of reference of great interest for wine-tourists seeking high-quality products. The firm’s activities include the production and cultivation of vines, winemaking and bottling. This organic production and undergoes quality AIAB-ICEA checks, and includes the following varieties: DOC Superior white wine from Colonna, with the names of “Labicum” and “Platea”; […]

Casata Mergè

The Alma Vini firm history is born of the Mergè familiy, originally from the Latium area of the Castelli Romani. In the first half of the 19th century, Manlio Mergè and his wife, both farmers by trade, privately managed part of the family’s farm. Thus a managerial activity was begun, enriched with the help of […]

Brunelli Sud S.p.A.

Giuseppe Brunelli is this farm’s self-assured and keen guide. He produces 30,000 quintals per year of a wide range of cheeses: pure sheep milk ones, blends, semi-fresh and matured cheeses. Among these, the Pecorino Genuino Romano cheese stands out from the others – a truly irreplaceable element in Roman cuisine

Birradamare S.r.l.

The company was founded in 2004 as a brew pub facing the sea; in 2010, it became a brewery and moved its headquarters to Fiumicino. Since 2012, it is also an agricultural brewery. The company cornerstones are: strong link to the territory, care in the choice of raw materials and simplicity of recipes. The main […]

Ben-Pi Carni s.r.l.

This firm was founded in Rome in 1986 by Sandro Benvenuti and Angelo Pierini, who both came from a 20-year experience in leading firms of the food sector. Ben.Pi.Carni has become a well-established and specialised firm. It offers clients a wide choice of superior quality products. Its flagstaff is cooked beef entrails.

Azienda Vitivinicola Strade Vigne del Sole

This firm, founded in 1862, is family-run and, although it spreads over an area which falls into the DOC producing areas of Frascati, Marino and Colli Albani, it carries out precise quality choices, characterised by experimentation. In 60 years, in fact, it has recovered 45 typical autochthonous varieties of vines and, to enhance its production, […]

Azienda Vitivinicola F.lli Ceracchi

This firm was born at the beginning of the 19th century, in the Velletri municipality, and has always belonged to the Ceracchi family. Over the last few years it has been restructured, with new vines and a new wine cellar, while continuing to respect the winemaking traditions of this area. The vines are all DOC […]

Azienda Vitivinicola Buttarelli

The wine growers’ co-operative Typical Cesanese Wines from Olevano Romano has collected and processed associates’ grapes for over 40 years and has always been committed to seeking ways to best express the Cesanese wine characteristics, giving it all the personality, uniqueness and identifiability.

Azienda Vinicola Mastropietro Alfredo

The Mastropietro family grows its vines in the Olevano Romano countryside in the Valle del Sacco, a land which particularly well-suited to the cultivation of vines. The DOC Genazzano wine and the I.G.T. Lazio “Terre Rosse” wine is produced according to traditional wine-making techniques, with the aid of modern technologies

Azienda Vinicola Centioni s.a.s.

Enrico, the founder of the Centioni family, devoted his vine-growing passion to producing the wine which has made the Castelli Romani famous worldwide, from the turn of the 20th century. Today this new firm, founded in 2000, has absorbed the needs of a wider market of wine-connoisseurs and experts by using new vines in addition […]

Azienda Griscioli Giorgio

The farm was born from the union of two family-run firms in the municipalities of Fara Sabina and Nerola; it now produces an excellent DOP Sabine extra virgin olive oil from the following varieties of olives: Carboncella, Raja, Leccino and Pendolino

Covarelli Vini p.s.c. a r.l.

This farm was founded over a century ago, by Antonio Covarelli, a meticulous and keen vine-grower who wanted to produce a specific type of wine with the fine grapes typical of the Colli Lanuvini. Since then, by adapting traditional methods of cultivation to new winemaking techniques, his family has continued to produce excellent wines, in […]

Napoleone Daniela e C. s.n.c.

On the farm’s lands stands part of the extraordinary architectural complex of Hadrian’s Villa, the residence Emperor Hadrian built between 118-138 AD. In fact, the farm owners already sponsored, before the 17th century, several excavations which brought important finds to the light, such as statues and mosaics, which are now in the Vatican and Capitoline […]

Azienda Agricola Valpignola

This wine-producing firm is in the DOC Frascati wine area of production and offers private samplings and tours (in Italian or, if requested, in English, French, Rumanian and Ukrainian). In addition, it has wide, open spaces for children and a parking area.

Azienda Agricola Terre Rubre

The farm produces Cesanese di Olevano Romano, an authoritative wine in the panorama of quality Italian reds. The cultivated vines, with the Guyot espalier training system and harvested manually, are the common Cesanese, the Cesanese di Affile and in small parts the Montepulciano, the Sangiovese and the Ottonese. The company periodically organizes tastings of the […]

Azienda Agricola Tomei Giuliana

The Tomei family has for many generations specialised in growing its own vines. The farm is in a hilly area, in a beautiful scenic position, and produces DOC Colli Lanuvini wines; the grapes for this are organically grown. During samplings, other farm products can be tasted too, such as its oil and fruit.

Azienda Agricola Raimondo

The farm was created with the intent of producing the Cesanese di Affile vine, which has its unique place in history. The high-density vineyards, with low returns per plant, a highly technological wine cellar and the choice of using a traditional wine-growing technique are the ingredients which enable this farm to produce a high-quality Cesanese […]

Azienda Agricola Proietti

This farm spreads on the slopes of the hills where Olevano stands, and focuses on growing wine and oil, in accordance with the secrets of the family tradition. It is about 9 hectares large, grows its vines in rows and uses modern techniques to produce DOC Cesanese di Olevano Romano wine.

Azienda Agricola Pezzanera s.n.c.

The farm, set in the hilly part of the Nerola area in the Sabina region, is family-run and produces Sabina D.O.P extra virgin olive oil, packaged with the “Balbina” trademark. The varieties of olives used are Carboncella, Frantoio and Leccino. The olives are harvested by hand and pressed in an olive-press with continuous cycle. How […]

Azienda Agricola Paganelli Caponetti Elvira

This farm continues a 200-years old tradition, and is close to the towns of Nerola, Montorio Romano and Montelibretti. It has over 10,000 olive trees and is an important point of reference in the Sabina region thanks to its production of the “Caponetti” and the Dop Sabina extra virgin olive oils. The olive-grove is in […]

Azienda Agricola Onori di Oscar e Gasparino

The Onori family has been devoted, with passion and care, to raising sheep and processing their milk for over half a century. This tradition has been handed down from father to son and transhumance is still practised – the highest expression of a sheep-breeding tradition: very few firms continue to practise it today. On the […]

Azienda Agricola Nunzio Di Pillo

This farm, which has been run since 1992 according to organic methods, grows fruit trees and herbaceous cultivations such as wheat, barley, emmer and vegetables, and raises poultry. According to the season, its shop sells fresh fruit, different kinds of flowers, pulses and vegetables, meat, eggs as well as food which has been processed with […]

Azienda Agricola Moretti

Set on a flat plain with a view of the Tuscolo hill, this ‘30s farmhouse and wine cellar are surrounded by an arcade with rooms which are being restructured in order to become an agriturismo. This will include a wine-sampling hall and areas equipped for children and disabled guests. Of particular interest is a grotto […]

Azienda Agricola Nizza Federico

The Tenuta Biologica I Due Laghi has an ICEA certificate. It spreads over 120 hectares between the Bracciano and Martignano lakes, within the namesake Regional Park. 400 animals graze freely, including Maremma and Charolais cows, sheep, horses, and 200 Maltese-Sicilian goats. All animals graze on the farm’s pasture land. Sheep and goats have a semi-fixed […]

Azienda Agricola Montefoschi

The Montefoschi farm focuses on organic and natural products, particularly those linked to bee-hives. Production is carried out by hand and this lends genuisness and quality to the products.

Azienda Agricola Monte Giove

This organic farm consists in a farm and the Monte Giove Orioli castle dating back 16th century castle. It is 30 km away from Rome, on the slopes of the Castelli Romani, in an excellent scenic position, as it is immersed in the scenery of the Colli Lanuvini. Visitors can admire the castle and ancient […]

Azienda Agricola Malerba Gianluca

Family business with a 7 hectares surface, located between Montelibretti and Moricone. The main activity is fruit growing. There are few cultivars: 33 of peaches, 4 of plums, 3 of apricots, 2 of pears, 2 of apples and few cherries plants. Instead three hectares, in Sabina hills, are used as olive tree grove. Olives, of […]

Azienda Agricola Migrante

The farm’s own vineyards, some young and some over 20-years old, produce an excellent wine through modern techniques, strongly connected to local traditions. This entails the production and sale of an excellent Doc Olevano Romano wine. How to reach us Take via Maremmana Superiore up to the Strada Provinciale (main road) Olevano San Vito, which […]


This farm presents a completely wonderful restructured turn of the century farmhouse, and is located in a scenic spot where visitors can admire the surrounding hills, lake Regillo, the Frascati DOC vines and even Rome. It also has a Bed & Breakfast, which is accessible to disabled people, and a wide parking area. Extra virgin […]

Azienda Agricola Vitiolivicola Loreti Cesare

The Loreti family have been winegrowers, in the old town of Zagarolo, for over four generations. The vineyards are cultivated according to DOC Zagarolo rules and regulations and produce excellent wines, among which the Zagarolo D.O.C wine excels, together with the Superiore; the white and red table wines are also excellent. The farm’s flagship is […]

Azienda Agricola Loggia Tommaso

This small-sized family-run business has adopted a traditional type of farming, thanks to which it offers genuine and premium quality fruit and vegetables. The farm’s point of sales, including a large parking lot, is located close to the orchards and the land where the vegetables are grown, at the foot of a hill covered with […]

Azienda Agricola Le Quattro Vasche

Located South-East of the Veliterne countryside, historically the area of Roman Castles high-quality wine production, the company produces DOC and IGT wines. How to reach us Drive along the A1 motorway, exit at Valmontone and follow directions to Artena, Lariano and finally Velletri.

MozzaRé – Terra Mia s.r.l.

In an old 19th century farmhouse, recently restructured, the dairy farm Mozzaré’s activities are in full swing. Every day it produces, and this can be seen by the public, mozzarella cheeses, trecce (“plaits” of cheese), nodini (smaller cheeses), ricotta and many other products, using only buffalo-milk mozzarella. The quantity of cheese produced daily, the high […]

Colle Picchioni

This farm was founded in 1976 on a very small piece of land close to Rome, between the sea and Lake Albano with a wonderful view on the papal city of Castel Gandolfo. The microclimate of the territory, as well as its volcanic soil, are particularly suited for producing quality wines, full of character. Over […]

Casale Vallechiesa s.r.l.

This farm is in the production area of Frascati wine, on the slopes of the hills which stretch right up to the outskirts of Rome. It is average in size and has been recently restructured, in the respect of the beginning of the 20th architectural traditions. The farm’s shop (open Tuesday – Friday, 9.30 – […]

Cantina Cerveteri s.c.a.

The Cerveteri winemaking firm is a co-operative founded in 1960, consisting in 750 wine-producing families who all confer different kinds of grapes: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Chardonnay for white wines and Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Merlot for red wines. Its production plants are in the area between Cerveteri, Ladispoli, Bracciano to the south, Tarquinia, Montalto di Castro to […]

L’Ape Artigiana

This firm is open year-round and mainly produces honey, as well as a small quantity of products which derive from it such as organic fruit marmalades sweetened with honey, honey compotes, pollen, royal jelly, curative herbs and even products for curative beauty-treatments. Visitors can partake both in the educational farm activities, as well as the […]

La Collinetta

Francesco and Maurizio Evangelisti have managed this organic farm, where nothing is bought externally, since 1998, in complete autonomy. Cheeses are made from local cattle’s raw milk and natural rennet, and are allowed to self-ferment. The farm also sells beef, pork and honey.

Fabi Aldo e Fabio

The farm’s 10 hectares of vineyards have belonged to the Fabi family since 1870; with seriousness and passion each year they produce about 13,000 bottles of excellent Marino Superiore wine which has a crystalline straw colour and a sweet and fruity bouquet which carries a waft of juicy William pears and mature almonds, as well […]

F.lli Masci

The farm has been active since 1952. It spreads over 11 hectares on the green hills of Olevano Romano, and grows the Cesanese vine, as well as red berries for the Sangiovese and Barbera wines and the white ones for Moscato, Bellone, Ottonese and Malvasia di Candia wines. Thanks to the farm’s past efforts and […]

Azienda Agricola Cavalieri

The Cavalieri family has been devoted to vine and wine cultivation since 1879. The farm’s 8 hectares spread over hills in a particularly good position, 380 metres above sea level, near the ancient Lanuvio. The products, which can be purchased online, include red and white wines as well as the Colli Lanuvini Superiore wine and […]

Er Pecoraro Donati Adelmo

This is a livestock farm which produces excellent sheep milk cheeses; the Pecorino cheese is its most prized product.

Azienda Agricola Domenici Antonella

This small-medium family run farm’s vocation is mainly for olive growing; this is also because of the pedoclimatic conditions of the Sabina region. The extra virgin olive oil DOP Sabina is particularly appreciated for its low acidity contents and is made through the mechanical processing of hand-picked olives. The farm is open on Saturday and […]

Azienda Agricola Damigelli Franco

The Damigelli farm started up as a family-run enterprise in 1960. A few years later it opened a shop selling beef and, subsequently, a dairy for making milk-derived cheese products. Typical Roman cheeses are now on sale, as well as scamorza cheese, filante cheese (a stringy cheese), provolone cheese, ricotta cheese, seasoned caciotta cheeses, parmprenestino […]

Colline di Veio

This organic Farm (certified IMC, Mediterranean Certification Institute). It is run by Rita Franceschini and it develops in the Regional Veio Park and it borders with the archaeological site of the Etruscan city of Veio, that now has disappeared. This Farm takes part to the program Nature in Field – products from Latium Parks. The […]

Casale Senni

The farm spreads over 37 hectares and has traditionally focussed on vine and olive growing. Its 15 hectares of olive groves are covered with centuries-old olive trees which ensure the production of an intensely scented extra virgin olive oil. A full 17 hectares, grown with vines, are enrolled on the Frascati DOC register; one sixth […]

Casal Pilozzo srl

The Casal Pilozzo (farmhouse) stands in a panoramic position, with a wonderful view over Rome, and is regarded as one of the most ancient farms in the Castelli Romani. In fact, in the basement of the Casale there is an ancient grotto with an Early Christian altar, dug into the tuff. The wide grotto has […]

Cantina Bucciarelli

Visitors can taste the farm’s own wine, as well as the best of Frascati wines, in the farmhouse’s typical “fraschetta” wine cellar.

Azienda Agricola Belardi Maria Dolores

The 80 square metres cellar offers, as well as services for visitors, an area for sampling sessions and small snacks. 50 metres away is a parking lot for both cars and buses. Staff is available for guided visits in English and French. The farm’s lands, which are located in pleasant and scenic parts of the […]

Azienda Agricola Barberini

The Barberini farm has a consolidated experience in the agricultural sector, in which it has been operating for over sixty years. It deals mainly with the production of wines, but also with the organization of events, such as themed tastings followed by experts in the food and wine sector. How to reach us Via di […]

Tre Colli

The farm is set on the fertile hills of the Roman Sabina, halfway between the Monti Lucretili and the Valley of the Tiber. The traditional cultivation techniques which have been used on the lands since the end of the 19th century, together with modern techniques and organic methods, entail that high-quality products are served to […]

Azienda Agricola Antiqua

The farm offers school visits to the educational farm, as well as nature paths and classes on oil, honey and cheese. Extra virgin olive oil, honey, cereals and pulses can be bought directly on the farm.

Fattoria La Frisona

The company, located in the municipality of Segni, at the foothills of the Lepini Mountains, breeds 300 Frisona cattle, without the use of feed but only with natural ingredients. The pasteurisation and bottling plant with CE certification is located next to the farm, so granting a short supply chain. The company products are: high quality, […]

Apicoltura Monte Funicolo

This Apiculture is located in Castelnuovo di Porto, in a rich area of spring waters, with tall trees (acacia, chestnut tree, oak tree, elm and so on) and lawns with plants and wild flowers (dandelion, mallow, clover). The organic farm, that is part of the Natural Veio Park, produces wildflower honey and acacia honey for […]