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Fishing in the Aniene near Agosta


This walk is part of the area: La Via Tiburtina

The Aniene river, where it flows close to Agosta, is still clean. It is particularly well-suited for fishing trout as these fish find their natural habitat in this area’s river bends, deep holes and submerged tree trunks.
Anglers can fish with natural or artificial bait; the river water which runs along the path flanking the bank, in the midst of a thick vegetation, is very productive. In addition, spinning can be carried out but anglers must be careful to avoid the spoon-bait hooking onto the many underwater obstacles.

How to get there: take the Roma-L’Aquila highway and exit at Vicovaro-Mandela. Here take via Tiburtina, on the left, and then via Sublacense, on the right, which flanks the river. You can access the river via the fork in the road for Marano Equo or just before Agosta

Rules: a fishing license is necessary. Silkworms cannot be used as bait

Fish: sea trout

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