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Fishing in the Nazzano – Tevere Farfa Nature Reserve


This walk is part of the area: La Via Nomentana e La Via Salaria

This part of the Tiber, which runs through the Nazzano Nature Reserve, is easily accessible for fishing, especially because the river current is very slow due the barrage of the river further down. Fishing techniques which can be used are float fishing in current, using fixed or Bolognese fishing rods, legering or casting bait on the bottom with a traditional technique.

How to get there: take the highway from Rome towards Florence and exit at Fiano Romano. Follow the road signs towards Nazzano and then those for the Nature Reserve

Rules: a fishing license is necessary ad well as a daily pass. It is forbidden to feed the fish with silkworms, but they can be used as bait

Fish: chubs, pigo (a local fish), rudds, bleaks and zanders


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