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Horse riding

Discovering Lake Martignano


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Claudia Braccianese

This itinerary unfolds within Martignano Park, the most recently established park in Latium. This route enables visitors to appreciate the local environment and the beautiful views of the lake: in fact, a specific path leads to a panoramic spot which offers a simultaneous view both of Lake Martignano and the very close Lake Bracciano.
Along the track, the Torre di Stracciacappe (tower) is visited, which was a medieval sighting outpost on the border of its namesake lake, which has since dried up following the building of the canal joining Lake Martignano and Lake Bracciano, in 1828.
Further on, the remains of an Etruscan tower are found, and finally the old Casale di Martignano (farmhouse) is reached, dating back to the 15th century. Initially there was a castle here, and probably a small town too, which were abandoned following a plague epidemic at the end of the 14th century. Later, a farmhouse was built where the old castle once stood, thanks to the partial reuse of its foundations: this appears in many Latium maps as Casale di Martignano. It was long-lived, but came to end when its owners decided to build a chimney, with its consequent flue, on the main floor of the building. The flue was dug into the bearing wall, thus weakening it and leading to a gradual destruction of the building.
The surrounding environment is typical of the Roman countryside, with many settlements due to the closeness of two lakes, which lead to a large presence of birds, including some game species.
In the copse wild boars, foxes, squirrels and many small rodents find refuge. The presence of oak trees and durmasts is important here, along with many species of thorny shrubs.
Apart from these one-day itineraries, this horse-riding centre organises, twice a year, more demanding trekking routes which require good equestrian experience, such as that which leads to the Terminillo Mountain or that leading to Tuscanica and Albinia.

Associazione Sportiva Circolo Ippico Il Sorriso
Via Pian del Pero, 75 – 00063 Martignano
Phone 339/8882833

This horse-riding centre is affiliated to FITETREC-ANTE, the Federation of Equine Tourism.
This centre has a sand working area, a training area, a club house, brick boxes, 12 stalls, 14 paddocks, a saddle-room, and changing rooms. It also specialises in taming foals and is a stud farm.

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