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Cerveteri: from the necropolis of the Banditaccia to the waterfalls of the Mola



3 hours and 30 minuts

Marked itinerary

Partly, in red and white



This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Aurelia

This itinerary, which lasts three and a half hours, is marked only in part. It follows the roads of the Etruscans and unfolds among the monumental grassy burial mounds of the necropolis of the Banditaccia and stretches of wild countryside. The route has a medium degree of difficulty, and allows visitors to explore suggestive archaeological vestiges and to enjoy the views of a thick wood, of the suggestive waterfalls of the Fosso della Mola (ditch) and, in the background, of the spectacular profile of the Monti della Tolfa.

The itinerary starts just before the town of Cerveteri: a dirt track leads to the Fosso della Manganella (ditch) which then leads to the archaeological area of the Banditaccia (this part is well-marked by road signs).

The route features many umbrella pines and cypresses, among which the first burial mounds rise, and introduces visitors to the first part of the burial area. Here the fascinating world of the Etruscan tombs opens up, a network of houses built for the afterlife which is as large as a city for the living. Cross the burial area which leads to the Via degli Inferi. The path leaves the more touristy area and enters an area where other interesting tombs can be seen, such as that of the Colonne Doriche (Doric Columns). The scenery is particularly picturesque: along the tuff walls openings can be seen which are the entrances to rupestrian tombs. The dirt track then crosses the Fosso della Manganella and climbs up towards the new town cemetery. Leave the square in front of the cemetery behind you, and follow the small road which takes you up to the Etruscan walls. Here you will find a fork in the road: take the path to the right which goes down to the Fosso della Mola. The track passes through a gate and a quarry: pass this on the left and leave the Proprietà Privata (private property) sign behind you. From here, follow the path to the first waterfall. Cross the Fosso della Vaccinella and border the Torrente delle Ferriere (stream): you will reach a small lake, then the higher and lower waterfalls, which are produced by the natural fall of the waters of the Fosso della Mola: the environment is intact and evocative. The watery ground makes it advisable to wear suitable shoes. For your return journey, follow the same route back to the cemetery.

For further information, as the path crosses a private area, it is best to warn the owners, by calling: 348/523678

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