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From Nazzano along the Tiber’s right-hand river-bank to the Tevere – Farfa Reserve



2 hours

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This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Nomentana e La Via Salaria

This itinerary starts from the town of Nazzano and leads into the Tevere Farfa Reserve. The confluence of the two rivers and the barring of the waters by a dam has created a particulalry marshy area, much loved by the wild water birds. Paths along small wooden railway sleepers from an old railway line allow visitors to cross swampy areas amongst cane-brakes and riparial forests where water-lilies flourish and thousands of birds nest.

From Nazzano, a fascinating medieval town with a panoramic view of the Tiber valley (where the recent River Museum is also situated), take the asphalt road which goes downhill to an old farmhouse which marks the entrance of the Reserve (to get there, simply follow the signs).

Here you will find the Visitors Centre (Centro Visitatori), where you may get information on the many activities organised in the reserve, the oldest protected area in the Latium regium. A parking area is close by.
From the parking area two paths lead to the river; take the right-hand nature path “La Fornace” (the kiln) to the river, where the itinerary with old railway sleepers leading to the kiln begins. The building has been turned into a bird-watching hut, next to other watch points.
The path continues along a level dirt track which follows the course of the river and winds among cane-brakes leading to a wooden watch tower. From here bend back towards the kiln by following the same road to the fork, and then take the road on the left, which runs alongside the river and passes through a wood of willows. After some huts you will come to the anchor-point of the ferry that cruises along the Tiber; if you wish you can take it in order to admire the river-bank from another perspective. Near the embarkation point the path leads back to the entrance of the reserve.

Access through via Tiberina km 31.500,
Riserva Regionale Tevere Farfa, Nazzano tel. 0765 332533;;

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