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Tolfa Mountains


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Advancing from Civitavecchia to the Tolfa Mountains, there are hills with a sparse and bushy vegetation:that is the Latium Maremma, made of clearings where the white Maremma cattle pastures. As the altitude increases, the landscape becomes woody. At the beginning, the Tolfa territory was volcanic and then mountains have taken the place of Latium Volcanoes; their high, smoothed over time, does not exceed 633 meters above sea level of our Lady of Grace Mountain, where there are gorse bushes that brighten the rocks in Spring.

This natural environment still preserves its charm, although the landscape has been damaged by quarry mining and infrastructural operations connected to many electrical systems. Small hollows of “mud volcanoes” are typical of this place. They are linked to the previous presence of  mineralized waters and gas rising from the hinterland, now inactive.
In this area it is possible to go for excursions on Tolfaccia Mountain, visiting alum mines or passing through the path that goes to the Trinity hermitage, where St. Augustine stopped. The beautiful villages of Tolfa and Allumiere are on these mountains. In this area do survive memories of the Etruscan past. Tolfa Mountains, should have been the location of a big regional park, ready for many years but never established.

Pro Loco Tolfa: 0766/92001
Pro Loco Allumiere: 0766/9667743
Comunità Montana Monti della Tolfa: 0766/96290 – 0766/967432

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