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Prenestini Mountains


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Prenestina

These mountains represent a long preappenninica chain that passes through Latium centrally. It is made of limestone of marine origin and obvious karst phenomena, such as caves and gorges. Due to its soil morphology and different bio-climatic influences, the vegetation is extremely rich. There are pastures and areas covered with blackberries bushes, brooms and hawthorns, and forests: on the eastern and southern side there are holm oak trees; oak forests, durmast in the hot sides; broad-leaved mixed forests, with hazel, maple, linden tree and elm in cold slopes. Finally, at a highest altitude (600-900 meters) there are chestnut trees at East and North East; at North West there are beech trees. In this such various environment, between small towns perched on the heights, you can admire more than 900 flora species, including some rare flowers, such as orchid, narcissus, lily and asphodel. Fauna, partly disappeared due to human action, includes wild cats specimens, foxes, martens, weasels, wild boars. Between the birds, there is woodpecker, finch, nutcracker, hawk and birds of prey. Prenestini mountains deserve a nature trail

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