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Horse riding

The Caffarella Valley


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Appia

This itinerary is recommended for less expert riders and lasts about an hour. It discovers the Caffarella alluvial valley, which formed following the erosion of the Almone river on the lavic stones which millions of years ago descended from the volcano of the Castelli Romani.
The river has created a unique micro-climate, which enables some specific plants to grow only in this area. In addition ducks, herons, pheasants, kestrels, lapwings and other types of birds live in this park along with foxes, beech martens, wild rabbits and crawfish. From a historic point of view the Caffarella, which in the past was called Vallis Marmorea, has much to offer precisely because of its old ruins. During the itinerary, many historic eras are crossed: from Roman times to Renaissance, not forgetting the Middle Ages. There are many remains of these ages: the Tempio della Ninfa Egeria (temple), the chiesa di Sant’Urbano (church), the Casale della Vaccareccia (farmhouse) and the Tempio del Dio Reticolo (temple).

Circolo Ippico “Cavalieri dell’Appia Antica”
Via dei Cercini, 15 – Roma
Phone 06/7801214

This horse-riding centre is affiliated to FITETREC-ANTE, the Federation of Equine Tourism. This centre organises several itineraries of different length and difficulty which are all characterised by many interesting historic and archaeological sites.

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