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The Tiber valley: along the shores of the Tiber


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Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Nomentana e La Via Salaria

This natural itinerary along the bicycle path in the Nazzano- Tevere Farfa Nature Reserve affords an unusual view of the Tiber, which crosses woods where different river birds live. Many observation points allow visitors to hide and view the wonderful scene of migratory birds, among which the rare osprey can be spotted.

Take the Roma-Orte line and get off at Poggio Mirteto. From here, head towards Torrita Tiberina and continue straight on until you reach the bridge above the railway tracks. Don’t pass this, but turn left and go down the dirt road which, once it has passed the railway underpass, enters the Nazzano- Tevere Farfa Nature Reserve. This path, which follows the left bank of the river, is called “La Mola”. A climb to the right, followed by a descent in the same direction, leads to the banks of the river which in turn leads to the Casale della Mola, placed where the tributary Farfa dives into the Tiber. It is a scenic position where some observation points for fauna have been set up

The dirt road then heads away from the Casale, crosses the wide plain of Nazzano and enters the thick of the wood. Here the steep descent of the Fosso dell’Inferno leads to the entrance of the reserve and, now that you have already crossed 12 km, you can choose to continue your visit in the reserve by crossing the bridge on the Tiber and exploring the opposite bank (another 12 km).
The bicycle route, well indicated by road signs, borders the river banks and is the same both on the outward and the return journey. Within the reserve, scenery is varied and the swampy areas are populated by many species of plants and animals.
Visitors will find explanatory panels which give information on the nature of the area and see the Museo della Notte (Night Museum) which is dedicated to nocturnal animals.
Once you head back towards Poggio Mirteto, before going to the station, you can see the old town, lying atop a hill and partly closed in by 14th century walls. The Museo Civico Ercole Nardi stands here too showing, in the demo-anthropologic section, what the houses in the area were like at the end of the 19th century.

By train: Outward journey: from Roma Tiburtina or Ostiense station, take the train towards Poggio Mirteto Scalo (Fiumicino-Orte line)
Return: from Poggio Mirteto Scalo station take the train to Roma Tiburtina or Ostiense station (Orte-Fiumicino line)
By bicycle: Length: about 14 or 28 km
Difficulty: easy, nearly completely on level ground

Riserva Regionale Tevere Farfa, Nazzano Tel. 0765/332533;;

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