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Monte Calvo



4 hours

Marked itinerary

Yes (red)



This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Tiburtina

The climb up Mount Calvo offers a noteworthy view of Subiaco and the valley of the Aniene river, as well as pleasant shelter from the summer heat in the shady woods of black pines, which covers a whole side of the mountain.

From Subiaco take the road that leads to the plain of Livata (sign posted) and, having reached a camping area with buildings, continue along the dirt track following the directions for the Parco dei Monti Simbruini. The same itinerary, right up to the park entrance (approximately 10 km) can be covered in a car. The Park is one of the Latium region’s largest with over 30,000 hectares, 75% of which covered by mountains. The Park is also the Rome water reserve: in fact the mountains take their name for the Latin “sub imbribus” (“under the rains”) because of the very heavy rainfalls. The area is mainly Karst and thus favours the drainage of the waters which collect in the Aniene river basin, while at the same time favouring the growth of thick forests of Holm-oaks, beeches and pine trees. Follow the red signs along the uphill path past several buildings until you cross a rare forest of black pines which runs along a gorge. Here sign posts indicate an uphill path marked by the letter “H”; pass the reservoir of the Monte Calvo well and reach the Passo delle Pecore, where the pine-forest makes way to a beech forest. Turn left towards a steep and barren area which leads to the peak of the Monte Calvo, which offers a wonderful view over the Terminillo mountain, the group of the Velino, the Maiella and, nearby, the imposing mass of the Gran Sasso mountain. To return to your starting point, simply retrace your steps downhill.

Starting point: Subiaco
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