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Monte Semprevisa and Monte Croce



2 hours

Marked itinerary

Yes, red-white 15 and Alta Via dei Monti Lepin


Average – Easy

This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Latina

The austere, calcareous aspect of these mountains is appreciated in this fascinating itinerary through the heights and cavities of the area above the coastal side of the Lepini chain, and there are extensive views that go as far as the neighbouring Region of Campania.

Start from Carpineto Romano, a small agricultural centre already recorded in 1077, whose name is due to the forest of carpini, hornbeams, of the nearby Monte Carpeo. It has old houses with 15th century doors decorated with curious greetings and proverbs. The 14th century Church of Sant’Agostino is interesting, with two fine historiated Gothic doors, one with reliefs of the Madonna, the Evangelists and Saints and the other with a Crucifixion with the Madonna and Saints, executed in 1350. Leave Carpineto Romano by car and drive 7 km to Pian della Faggeta, a karstic plain with a number of sinkholes. Cross the plain and follow the signs to path 15 upwards to the right. Soon there is a path that leads to the mouth of a small valley with a rocky bed and some scattered beech trees. The itinerary continues to climb through the wood as far as the reservoir of Acqua Mezzavalle (the water is not drinkable). Go on through the wood to the right, which has now become thick and majestic, as far as the saddle of Semprevisa. The climb continues up to the crest, passing the Pozzo della Neve and leaving the forest. Walk along the rocky sides of the valley to an eminence followed by a small level stretch and a rocky slope and at last come to the top of Monte Semprevisa, with its superb view of the Monti Lepini group, the whole Pontine plain from Anzio to Terracina, the Aurunci, Ausoni, Meta, Ernici, Simbruini and Prenestini mountain chains and the Alban Hills. On clear days visibility extends even as far as the Pontine and Partenopean islands, the Sorrento peninsula and Vesuvius. Follow the edge of the ridge down, with some sloping and some level sections as far as Monte La Croce. The Abisso Consolini is not far from here, a natural well that can only be visited accompanied by expert speleologists. Continue as far as a fork and turn right for Monte Erdigheta and the Erdigheta plain. From here go along an unsurfaced road through the beeches, leaving the Alta Via dei Monti Lepini and taking path 8. There is another little valley to go through and then the road leads back to the Pian della Faggeta.

Starting point: Carpineto Romano
S. Ardito, A piedi nel Lazio, vol. 1, Roma 2005

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