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Ancient Galeria Natural Monument


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Claudia Braccianese

This Natural Monument extends for 40 hectares and preserves the Arrone Valley. The remains of the city demonstrate a long history and the abandonment suggestion. Build by Etruscan and used by Romans as “mansio” (rest stop along Clodia Road), the city had its maximum development in the Middle Ages up to the XVII Century.

The town was abandoned in 1800 and became quarry in the open and medieval building were mostly demolished. Very suggestive for visitors is the dead city, that offers the St. Andrew Church view(with the high Romanesque bell tower); signs of an eighteen Century Clock and the ruins of few aristocratic palaces. This ancient city is surrounded by a typical Roman Countryside landscape, with rolling hills used for grazing sheep, extensive cereal crops, hills, a vegetation clinging to tuff walls and downy birch forests, maples, elms and farnetti. Instead near Arrone there is laurel. With a bit of luck you can meet the fox or hedgehog and spot the kingfisher and the hoopoe. At twilight you can ever see the tawny owl or the owl.

The Reserve is run by Roma Natura local Authority
Villa Mazzanti, via Gomenizza, 81 – 00195 Roma
Phone 06/35405310
Fax 06/35491519

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