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Palo Forest Oasis


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Unpolluted green piece of Latium Coast, Paolo Oasis was created in 1980 and is located in a private area, property of Odescalchi Princes, now managed by WWF. Example of the huge humid forest of the Tyrrhenian Coast (of which little is left), in the wood there are ponds that are home of aquatic wildlife.

Wild fields, junipers, palms and big trees that create a pleasant and fresh landscape. Next to it there is the wonderful Odescalchi Castle Garden, characterized by agaves and extraordinary expanses of orchids and daffodils. The brushwood is dominated by the perfume of myrtle that interweaves with lush. Instead another part of the Park is home of exotic plant species. Above all, the oasis preserves wildlife. In fact, there are specific areas for the recovery of many animals, such as foxes, porcupines, badgers, skunks, hedgehogs, martens and otters. In particular, it has been set up an “hospital” for sea turtles. In fact, the abundance of water holes has made this place an ideal habitat for marsh tortoise. Quietness and protection of this natural environment allowed many birds species to fix here their house. Like them, many migratory flocks, that seasonally come from Africa to Europe, have identified in the oasis a reference point where they can stop before traveling again. Finally in this area there are many organized and educational spaces, such as the Biodiversity MuseumPorcupine’s wildlife area and the centre that rescues tortoises. For people who would like to discover the area there are recommended routes as well.

Ente gestore WWF Lazio
Via Comunale di Palo – 00055 Ladispoli
Phone 06/9911641

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