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Lucretili Mountains Natural Regional Park


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Nomentana e La Via Salaria

Located in Sabina, between Tiber and Aniene valley, Lucretili mountains belong to the pre-appenninica ridge and they have a beautiful shape. Within these mountains multiply water courses that dig deep valleys, coming to power Tiber towards West and Aniene towards East. Visit the Ronci ditch (near Vicovaro and St. Polo of Knights) and the ditches of Vena Scritta – Vena Caprara, inside the Park internal areas. Concerning the vegetation, vineyards and olive groves are typical of foothills. Instead, rising to the heights, there are especially oak, maple and linden forests. With regards the wildlife, the rare human presence allowed the survival of typical Apennine’s inhabitants, such as wolf, wild cat, Marsicano bear, and the royal hawk. Here extends the homonymous Monti Lucretili Regional Park. It is located at the extreme southern foothills of Sabini Mountains. The Park delimits the Roman countryside at East and, in turn, is delimitated by the Aniene Valley. Its naturalistic richness is due to the particular landscape configuration, distinctly from Apennines. Inside the Park there are many visitors centres where are available maps that allow, following recommended paths, to venture in a wonderful mountain landscape, where it is easy to forget to be close to a big City. Within the various possible excursions there are nine designed routes to orient visitors.

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