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Monti Simbruini Natural Regional Park


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Monti Simbruini are just 70 km far from the Capital City and you can get there taking Sublacense road that leads along the green woods of the highest forests of Rome, with peaks over 1800 meters. They are destination for winter tourism, so they are equipped with shelters and ski slopes.

The name of this mountain system, characteristic of the central Apennines, probably comes from the Latin expression “sub imbribus”, that means under the rain and it evokes an abundance of water in the area, that flows into Aniene and its tributary Simbrivio. If the first characteristic of Simbruini is the abundance of water, the second one is the caves beauty: the karst variety has created complex ground morphologies, gorges and sinkholes. They are very interesting for speleologists and extremely fascinating for visitors. The more interesting caves are the Inferniglio one, near Jenne, and the Sibrivio cave, Vallepietra. Mantle of forests stretch on cliffs, especially oak trees and beech forests; moreover, there are century-old maples. With regards the wildlife, in the Park live the Apennine wolf and some specimens of brown bear, even if is very difficult to spot them. Instead it is more possible spotting squirrels, wild boars and roes. For excursions lovers, excellent destinations are the Camposecco lawn (near Camerata Nuova), the Fondi plain, near Monte Livata, Aniene sources near Fiumata (Trevi) and Campo la Pietra plateau (Vallepietra). The park is plenty of hostels, shelters and sports facilities (canoa, rafting, free-climbing on cliffs), speleology, riding shool, skiing, especially the cross-country skiing (very famous for it are the Livata Mountain trails). The park office, located in Jenne, gives information and direction on different activities, paths and possible excursions.

Technical Department Municipality of Jenne
Phone 0774/827221 – 0774/827219
Fax 0774/827183

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