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Inviolata Natural Regional Park


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Tiburtina

The stretch of Roman countryside between Aniene Valley, Monti Cornicolani majors and Tivoli, has recently become headquarter of a Regional Park of archaeological significance and natural interest as well. The environment is made of a series of soft pads inhabited since the Prehistoric Age. Even today it is characterized by extended cultivated areas. Precisely during the agricultural works, began to be retrieved ancient objects of primary importance, such as the “Triade Capitolina” bas-relief, single copy known with the representation of the three guardian divinities of Rome: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The findings helped to identify, in the Park area, the Latin inhabited village of Ficulea. Sources tell repeatedly about it, because it was terrain of struggle between Tarquinio Prisco and Latins, and later it was invaded by Gauls. In Inviolata zone rose rustic villas, we still have some remains of them: important the heart near Inviolata House, close to the homonymous street. Next to the villas there were sepulchral areas and Roman tombs: the Mountain of the Join (Monte dell’Incastro); the Torraccetto Sepulchre, of the III A.D., and the Torraccia dell’Inviolata tomb, cross-shaped and surrounded by a ring structure (datable between the I and the II century A.D.). The countryside looks fascinating with its huge fields planted with corn, wheat and sunflower and ancient olive trees. Sometimes there is a natural vegetation, nevertheless you can observe exotic species. Little woods are characterized by wonderful maples and wild vines, instead in the undergrowth you can see wild orchids.

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