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Treja Valley Regional Park


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The Treja Valley Park is mainly famous for the deep gorges, dug into the ground tuff by the homonymous river, that with its steep and sinuous stream creates suggestive waterfalls and cataracts.

The more beautiful, not far from Mazzano Romano town, there are Gelato Mountain’s waterfalls. The water courses abundance allowed the development of a thick humid forest and the preservation of a typical aquatic wildlife. The Park peculiarity is linked to its geological volcanic origin. Evidence of it is kept in many vertical rock faces and in frequent soil gradients. Inside the area there are many archaeological and historical evidences. In fact, by the river lived a little known people, the Falisci (or Falerii inhabitants), linked to Etruscan people for customs and political agreements, but they used to speak Latin language. Falisci territory extended from Mazzano to the low Viterbo area. The Park keeps track of few falische necropolis, streets, hydraulic tunnels and fortification walls. Near Pizzopiede hill, Falisci built Narce town as well, there is nothing left about it except for many chamber tombs, tunnels and gorges dug into the ground tuff. Another interesting destination to visit, not far from Mazzano Romano, is the ancient furnace that still today is used to cook bricks and tiles, according to an old tradition. Guided tours are organized there, this way it is possible to follow the different phases of the brick preparation. In Mazzano Romano there is the Park Information Office, where you can get the map and also some advices from specialized people who can help you to choose the ideal route.

Via Roma, 1 – 00060 Mazzano Romano

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