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Macchia di Gattaceca Regional Natural Reserve and Barco Scrub


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Nomentana e La Via Salaria

Not far from Nomentum Natural Reserve, among Mentana, Monterotondo and St. Angelo Romano Municipalities, Gattaceca Scrub and Barco Scrub extend on 1400 hectares. Hilly area of limestone, the Reserve is characterized by suggestive karsts, as gorges, caves and sinkholes. The best known gorge is Merro Well, on of the deepest in the world. Inside the Reserve, archaeological evidences, as ruins of Roman villas and stretches of Nomentana Road paving, alternate to natural beauties. Vegetation is mainly made of Turkey Oak trees, Pedunculate Oak (quercus robur) and Quercus Frainetto, but also by butcher’s broom, anemone and cyclamen. Wildlife, although reduced over time, is rich of beech martens, weasels, tortoises and above all red woodpecker, cuckoo, nightingale, nutcracker and birds of prey.

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