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Presidential Property of Castelporziano, State Natural Reserve


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Severiana

The Property, extended on 6.200 hectares, is, since 1946, the Head of State real estate. Since 1999 it has been recognized as State Natural Reserve.

A strict system protects both historical-archaeological beauties (aqueducts, roads and Roman buildings) and environment with a great naturalistic value, that represent one of the last patches of coastal forests that in the past covered the ancient Latium coast. Proceeding from the sea to the inland, you can see a large area of unpolluted beach, recent sand dunes with pioneer and colonizing plants, ancient dunes strengthened with wetlands behind them and Maquis areas, with green and aromatic species. Woods alternate to clearings and natural grasslands, that give hospitality to centuries-old tree specimens. Of particular interest are the so-called “pools”, natural waterholes that prove the ancient presence of wet environments and flooded woods extended to the Pontine Plain. Wildlife population is extremely rich: boar, fallow deer, roe deer, deer, fox, hedgehog, porcupine and many birds both sedentary and migratory.

The Estate, no longer public, can be visited only by special permission of the Italian Presidency, Estates and Gardens Office.
Phone 06/46991

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