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Tevere – Farfa Natural Reserve


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Nomentana e La Via Salaria

Nazzano-Tiber Farfa Natural Reserve is an important resting place for migratory birds, that find repair in wetlands formed thanks to the river flood control through a dam built by Enel in 1955, a little more downstream from the confluence between Tiber and Farfa rivers.

The dam building had as a secondary and unexpected effect the creation of an important marsh ecosystem, that in many Italian areas was rarefied after countryside drainage. Today this territory is a 700 hectares Regional Natural Reserve of European interest; its environments are all linked to the river and the marsh. Along the banks, through thick reeds, many migratory birds find refuge. For example, the red heron, considered almost extinct bird in Italy. Humid forests are important too, they are made of willows, black alders and, in a rearward position, poplars, almost disappeared in river plains. In fact, now there is an intensive cultivation of many species for food. Among the villages located in the Reserve zone, Nazzano is dominated by an impressive Castle (XIII – XIV Century), situated on a tuff spur, where there is the River Museum, in the middle of a medieval village that spiral climbs the rocky slope. Important is St. Antimo Church (prior to 952), placed on a hill near the built-up area. The Church has got Pre-Roman columns, Cosmatesque mosaics and a pulpit of the X Century. Ancient Tower on Tiber, also Torrita Tiberina presents a fascinating medieval historical Centre, whose narrow alleys open to wonderful landscapes on the Tiber Valley. Up the path of the river, near Ponzano Romano, there is St. Andrew in flumine Benedictine Abbey (X Century).

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