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Horse riding

Travelling towards the Castelli Romani lakes


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Appia

Leaving early from the horse-riding centre, riders will follow the Old Appian Way until they reach the area of the famous vines from Marino which lead to the slopes of the Castel Gandolfo lake crater. Once we reach the shores we will sample, in one of the famous “Fraschette”, the typical foods of the Castelli Romani cuisine.
In the afternoon, the shores of the Lake will lead to its other side: riders will ascend this and thus enter the wonderful coppices of the park, crossing age-old chestnut groves until they reach one of the most picturesque spots of the journey: the view of Nemi Lake, with the Tyrrhenian sea on the horizon. An hour later they will reach the final destination, Genzano, Quarto della Mandorla, where they will stay in old shepherd huts “furnished and equipped in a modern manner” where they can while the night away in front of a fire, as was done over 100 years ago.
The following day, the return journey is carried out in part by following the outward leg, and in part by following new trails so as to discover different corners of this same environment. The itinerary lasts for two days, with an overall five hours on horseback (the itinerary includes several dining rests).

Circolo Ippico “Cavalieri dell’Appia Antica”
Via dei Cercini, 15 – Roma
Phone 06/7801214

This horse-riding centre is affiliated to FITETREC-ANTE, the Federation of Equine Tourism. This centre organises several itineraries of different length and difficulty which are all characterised by many interesting historic and archaeological sites.

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