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In the parks of Rome


An itinerary to discover seven natural parks of the Rome, with recommended visits and other useful information.

Rome is known all over the world as a city rich in history and monuments. But not everyone knows that, next to the beautiful squares and the famous sights, the city has a green heritage as evocative and full of surprises, as happens for a few other European capitals. The city has in fact a green heritage equal to two thirds of the entire municipal territory: a third of this territory consists of agricultural areas and a third of protected areas, subjected nowadays to a strict environmental protection regime. Visiting this natural heritage, made of farms producing cheese or vegetables, protected areas with different types of habitats, archaeological areas that fall within urban parks such as the Appia Antica, ecological niches that allow the presence of a large number of plant and animal species, it means knowing the real treasure that makes Rome one of the richest cities in terms of biodiversity and taking advantage of the services it offers for tourists and the Romans.
To get to know this unexpected and unknown wealth of Rome, Romaincampagna suggests an itinerary to discover seven natural parks:
Acquafredda Natural Reserve
Regional Natural Park of Bracciano-Martignano
Decima Malafede Natural Reserve
Roman Coastline State Natural Reserve
Marcigliana Reserve
Appia Antica Regional Park
Natural Regional Park of Veio

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