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Società Cooperativa La Selva


The “La Selva” co-operative was founded in 1977 and today counts 350 associate-producers, who yearly provide 60,000 quintals of grapes from vine-yards in Genzano di Roma, Lanuvio and, to a smaller extent, other neighbouring municipalities. The co-operative follows its vine-growers in the various phases of production, and gives them specific tips and advice on the production, intervention, collection and choice of grapes. As soon as they reach the cellar, they are transformed into wine with the most modern techniques, while respecting the Castelli Romani traditions: soft-pressing, cleansing of musts and control of the fermentation with the help of cold temperatures. Wine storage is continually monitored and controlled, as is its cold-bottling, thus ensuring a constant quality of wines to consumers, as well as the products’ genuisness and full compliance with the D.O.C. producing rules and regulations and the age-old traditions of the Castelli Romani.


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