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Roman recipes

Broccoli filled choux pastry


1300 grams roman broccoli
2 garlic heads
Chilli pepper at pleasure
70 grams smoked bacon
Salt and pepper to taste
16 mini neutral éclairs from the baker you trust
1 cream glass
100 grams Roman pecorino
50 grams Bronte pistachio in grain

Cut the broccoli into pieces, boil them for 10 minutes and cook them in a pan with garlic, cubes of bacon, oil and chilli pepper, salt and black pepper. As soon as they get brown, pass them into the mincing machine until you obtain a cream. Salt and pepper. Put the mixture in a pastry bag and fill the éclairs.

For the sauce: put cream and grated pecorino in a small pot until you get a cream, salt and pepper. Warm up filled éclairs in the oven. Form a pyramid with the éclairs, pour the pecorino sauce and decorate with pistachio in grain.