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Rabbit stuffed with pear and Malvasia del Lazio wine compote


Half kg rabbit
170 grams minced chicken
50 grams boiled potatoes
1 egg-yolk
200 grams pine nuts
10 grams marjoram
1 organic extra virgin olive oil table spoon
Latium malmsey wine
2 pears
Salt and pepper

Mix chicken meat, potatoes previously boiled, pine nuts, egg-yolk and add a bit of salt. Prepare the rabbit, previously boned, seasoning with marjoram and salt. Put inside the mixture already whisked, being careful to close it well, binding it in length with the kitchen string. Finally season with salt and oil. Cook in the oven at 200 degrees. Twenty-five minutes before the end of the cooking, lower the oven temperature to obtain the browning.

By the side of it, put in a pan white wine, cloves and cinnamon. Evaporate wine and finally add pears in cubes, cooking for 5 minutes. Cool the rabbit and cut it in slices seasoning it with pear compote and malmsey. We advise to serve the dish with mushed potatoes.

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