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Roman recipes

Roman style mix of fried stuff


500 g flour
2 litres extra virgin olive oil Sabina PDO
500 ml water
200 g Romanesco broccoli
3 Carciofo Romanesco del Lazio PGI
4 Romanesco courgettes with flower
1 aubergine
1 apple
3 whole eggs
5 g brewer’s yeast
salt q.s.

Prepare the batter with the flour, a pinch of salt, the yeast dissolved in a glass of water and the water necessary to obtain a semi-solid mix. Allow to leaven for half an hour in a warm place. Chop the broccoli into pieces, simmer in boiling water for 3 minutes and drain. Clean and cut the artichokes into wedges. Cut the courgettes and aubergine into strips of ½ cm, and put them in salt for 15 minutes. Take the flowers, remove the hard side leaves and the inner pistil and insert a mozzarella cube with a piece of anchovy. Remove the apple peel and slice it thickly. Rinse the courgettes and aubergine from the salt and put on paper towel. Pour the oil in a large iron pan and put over high heat to reach a temperature between 150°C and 180° C (when you put the vegetables to fry, they must make small bubbles.) Fry the ingredients in this way: artichokes dipped in the flour and then in the beaten egg; courgettes and aubergines dipped only in the flour; apple, broccoli and flowers dipped in the batter. Fry for the time necessary until the inner part is soft, lay on a straw paper, salt and serve hot on a new sheet of straw paper.