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Chicken galantine jelly


1 small boned chicken
For the stuffing:
200 g mixed minced meat
50 g parmesan cheese
50 g cured ham cut up into dices
50 g shelled pistachio nuts
10 g black truffle cut up in dices
an egg
For the galantine:
celery, carrots and onion
pepper in grains
1 small glass of cognac and 1 of Marsala
8 dried tomatoes
For the aspic:
50 g isinglass

Mix the ingredients for the stuffing, fill the chicken and sew it with a string. Wrap the chicken roulade tightly in a cloth towel and boil for about 2 hours in water with the celery, carrots and onion, pepper in grains, the glass of cognac, the glass of Marsala wine and salt. Remove the chicken and leave it to cool in the refrigerator. For the aspic: boil one litre of soup obtained by adding 50 gr. Of isinglass softened previously in cold water. After 5 minutes filtre the liquid and cool in the refrigerator in a low square bowl. Cut the aspic up into cubes and put on the plate, cut the galantine into thin slices, garnish with the dried tomatoes and cockscomb leaves.

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