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Roman recipes

Mix fried vegetables


200 gr. Roman broccoli
3 Roman artichokes
2 Avezzano potatoes
4 Roman zucchini with their flowers
1 egg-plant
1 apple
500 gr. flour
½ litre of water
3 eggs
5 gr. brewer’s yeast
2 litres of extra virgin olive oil

Prepare the batter with 200 gr. of flour, a pinch of salt, the yeast dissolved in a glass of water and the water required to obtain a semisolid mix which is just right if it is stringy when you touch it. Leave it to sit in a warm place for half an hour.  Cut the potatoes into big slices, mash the broccoli; place the two vegetables in boiling water for 3 minutes and then drain. Clean the artichokes and cut them into slices. Cut the zucchini and the egg plants into ½ cm strips, and cover them with salt for 15 minutes. Take the zucchini blossoms, remove the hard leaves and the internal pistil and place a dice of mozzarella with a piece of anchovy inside the flower. Peel the apple and cut it into big slices. Wash the zucchini and egg plants to remove the salt and dry on paper. In a large iron pan with high sides put the oil on a high flame until a temperature of between 150° and 180° is reached (when the vegetables are placed in the pan they must sizzle; fry the ingredients as follows: dip the artichokes in flour and then in egg before frying; dip the zucchini and egg-plants only in flour, dip the apple, broccoli, potatoes and zucchini blossoms in the batter.   Fry in boiling olive oil only for the time required to make sure the inside is soft. Dry on paper, add salt and serve hot.