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Roman recipes

Fried bread (Panonta) with sauseges, Purgatory beans and “Matticella” style artichokes


4 homemade ham sausages
4 Lariano bread slices
2 garlic cloves
8 Roman artichokes
100 grams Purgatory beans
Carrot and onion
Fresh celery
Black pepper
Red vinegar
1 red onion

Soak the beans for 12 hours, then boil them with celery, carrot and onion until, pressing them with fingers, they are soft. Organize outdoors a nice barbecue with “sarmenti” (old vine’s branches) that form a thick and soft ash-ember; Take the artichokes, cut a piece of their stem and season between leaves, crushing garlic, salt, black pepper and mint. Dip the artichokes in this boiling ash and cook them slowly upside-down. Cut sausages in half, take out the skin and grill them; halfway through cooking arrange each sausage on a slice of Lariano bread, 1 cm thick. This way the cooking fat gives flavour to the slice of bread that becomes “bruschetta”. When the external artichoke gets brown, take out with your gloves all the external burned part and keep the heart. Season artichokes with oil, onion marinated in red vinegar and black pepper. Present the dish with a bed of seasoned beans, “panonta” on the top and “matticella” artichokes on the side. Finally decorate with few mint leaves. It will remain a nice smoked perfume.