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Roman recipes

Carbonara style pappardelle with courgettes and bacon


500 grams “pappardelle”
200 grams Roman courgettes
150 grams smoked bacon
One shallot
4 eggs
100 grams roman grated pecorino (Protected designation of origin)
One slice roman sheep cheese (caciotta)
4 extra virgin olive oil spoons
Half glass white wine
Salt and black ground pepper

Beat the eggs in a bowl adding grated Pecorino and freshly ground black pepper.

Cut bacon in slices and brown it with oil in a crock deep enough. Once the bacon becomes crispy, add shallot previously finely chopped. Sprinkle with white wine, then add peeled courgettes, wash and cut with a potato peeler to get long and thin strips. Cook everything for a short time to get crispy courgettes.

Boil “pappardelle” in salted water, drain them “al dente” and pour in the crock. Cook with courgettes and bacon at low heat and then, flame off, add eggs, pecorino and black pepper. Stir vigorously and lay on the plates decorating with seasoned pecorino flakes and dust with black pepper.