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Roman recipes

Kid meat passatelli pasta


For the “passatelli”:
200 grams grated parmesan
200 grams bread crumbs
3 eggs
one grated lemon peel
For the kid sauce:
250 grams boned and minced kid
One lemon
One glass of Frascati white wine
One onion
One egg yolk
One extra virgin olive oil glass
Salt and pepper

For “passatelli”:
Make an hard dough by hand with the listed ingredients, make some “passatelli” of your favourite dimension using a potato masher (passapatate), dust with very little flour and put them on a net to dry.

For the kid sauce: put the bones on the fire into an aluminium pan and toast them in oil for five minutes. Add the kid in cubes. Once it gets brown sprinkle with a glass of white wine, take out the bones.  Boil “passatelli” in slightly salted water and drain “al dente”; gently mix them in the kid sauce adding few lemon juice drops and half ladle of cooking water to keep the preparation soft. When the gravy congeals, add the egg yolk like when you make “carbonara”. Serve immediately in hot plates with a parsley, grated lemon and few parmesan decoration.